A New Type of p-ideals in BCI-algebras Based on Hesitant Fuzzy Sets

Y. B. Jun


Using the concept of hesitant union ($\Cup$), the notion of $\Cup$-hesitant fuzzy $p$-ideals is introduced, and their properties are investigated. Relations between $\Cup$-hesitant fuzzy ideals and $\Cup$-hesitant fuzzy $p$-ideals are considered. Conditions for the $\Cup$-hesitant fuzzy ideal to be a $\Cup$-hesitant fuzzy $p$-ideal are provided. The reduction property for $\Cup$-hesitant fuzzy $p$-ideals is established.


Hesitant union, $\Cup$-hesitant fuzzy ideal, $\Cup$-hesitant fuzzy $p$-ideal

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