On the Degree of Approximation by theWoronoi-Norlund and Riesz Type Means in the GHM

Ugur Deger, Hilal Bayindir


The rst results on approximation in the Holder metric is based on the study of
Prossdorf. In 1979, Leindler gave a paper on the generalizations of Prossdorf's theorems. Later Leindler studied a similar problem on approximation by the Woronoi-Norlund and the Riesz means that is more general than the Cesaro means in 2009 with respect to the generalized Holder metric(GHM) given by Das, Nath and Ray. In this paper, our aim is to give some results extending the results of Leindler on the degree of approximation in GHM by using the more general methods of means on the classes larger than classes of sequences used in Leindler's study.


Norlund submethod, Riesz submethod, Holder metric, degree of approximation


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